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Quick Animation for Class

This was made for a Business of Art and Design class. I had to do a presentation on a chapter about Exit Strategies for when you have an Art and Design company or something.

I just wanted to have as much fun as I could with the presentation, so I made a flash animation about how you wouldn't want to end your business.

Exit Flash

The Other 3-D Dump

Well, here's the only other model I've done so far. It was supposed to be for the Blizzard Art contest, but I wasn't able to finish it in time. I would have had to finish the model. Then, learn to texture it and all while I had just started classes.

I also used a model sheet to help me make the model on this one. I wanted to make him pretty complicated and cool looking. I looked up some info on Diablo 2 and found some information on demons from the games, and it talked about one called Azmodan. He was one of the lords of Hell but was never shown in the game. So, I thought I'd give it a shot.

Sadly, I just realized the only shots I have of this model are of experiments I did. I do have some wireframe shots, but they have so much errors I haven't fixed just yet. I'll probably post more when I've cleaned up the model.

These images were from when I was trying to see how much detail I could make in Maya. I subdivided the low-poly wireframe and started pulling and pushing vertices and edges. Eventually, I managed to make some wrinkles and other cool stuff.

And this one was done in the Mudbox beta. The program is mindblowing. I had no idea how to use it and just starting messing around with the Scratch tool and ended up with this after about an hour. And I didn't even sub-divide the polygons to the best level used to add details. I only subdivided it 4 times, since any more made my computer run slow. I've read the usual is level 7 to add serious details.

When I have more free time I'm definetly going to finish up this model as much as I can. The wireframe is coming along nicely, and from there I'll just finish him in Mudbox.

The 3D Dump

This is where I post how I'm trying to learn 3D. I'm using Maya, since for me the interface is really simple. Too bad it's also easier to make glitchy models in Maya, though I haven't experienced that yet.

This was the soonest I took a screenshot. He was made in the Maya Personal Learning Edition in case you can't tell. I already have all the basic forms, and the next step was to go in and add more definition.

These one is the next step, defined a few small stuff and changed the material. I was also having trouble getting rid of the seam between the two halves.

Here I worked on the mouth area some more and added details around the cheeks and forehead.

And these three are sadly as far as poor Batman went. I installed the full version of Maya and found out the Personal Learning Edition files are incompatible. I could have taken him much farther, but it was not meant to be.

This step has the seam fixed on the forehead, extra detail around the brow and eyes, and nice lips (hmm). I also played around with lighting and found that the best angle for the model was a profile view.

And that's it for Batman. Next update will have my most recent unfinished 3D model. Someday I will finish it though, someday...

Fourth Dump

Well, we finally reached the digital stuff and this is also the last of the old work dump.
I'll go from newest to old again.

This one's a T-shirt design drawn in Flash. It's going to be printed on a plain black shirt on the bottom corner. I already have a place to print the shirts, I just need to figure out how set up an E-store on my website.

This one is one of my favorite ones. It's Just an ape smoking a cigarette. This shirt will be centered as well.
Another favorite of mine. My take on Bullet Bill from the Super Mario series. This shirt would be centered too.

Another one of the shirts. I'm thinking this one would go best just in the center.

Shirt. This one will be pushed off to the side.

This one is my funny robot. He'll be centered too I guess.

This one is remake on an old drawing I had made, becuase I hated the old drawing. It's an improvement, this one will be centered, too.

This is a rockin' out claw hand. I'd wear it to a concert.
Also if any of you are interested in any of these shirts send me a message through myspace, or leave a comment so I can get back to you when I get them Printed out.

This is a goblin and I decided to make him pretty realistic. I don't think goblins wold run around in little torn up skirts covering their meat. So he's here, natural.

And Hellboy, drawn soon after I saw the movie. I don't think any artist who saw the movie didn't draw Hellboy in the next few days.
And that's pretty much all the art I have on my computer right now, except for a few old stuff that aren't really important enough to show right now.

But the next post will be much different, that ones going to have my 3D Modelling work.

3rd Dump

I think I'm starting to run low on the traditional drawings, so this post will have a lot more digital work in it. I'm going to try and order them from newest to old.

This is a Batman sketch drawn in Flash. I imagine him being exposed to Gamma radiation before this drawing.

Pacman. Pacman is pretty bad-ass, what more can I say?

Yet another zombie for the game. This one was pretty obligatory becuase you can't have a zombie game without a fat butcher zombie. I read it in a book somewhere...
This was a simple character design for myself. I wanted to make a stream-lined looking guy, to use in an animation maybe. I do flesh out this concept more later on.
This was another experimentaion. I was trying to see if I could pull off a Disney style, but more realistic. Too bad this looks neither Disney-like nor realistic...

Flippy from the Happy Tree Friends animation. The show is alright, but I really liked this character.And finally Mister Burns! Becuase you cannot have watched the Simpsons and not have loved him.

Only two completely digital pieces this times. I lied.

2nd Dump of Work

So here's the second pile of my older work. I'm doing updates this way for two reasons.
One: To post all my old work little by little and get it out of the way.
And Two: 'Cuase I'm pretty lazy and don't feel like scanning in all my new stuff just yet...

With that being said, this update is pretty diverse. Has some newer stuff, some older stuff, serious stuff, and stuff just for fun. Stuff is a strange word.

This one is Azuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I'm not really a big anime lover, but a select few do call my attention. I was curious if I could draw her in a realistic style, I'd say it turned out 50/50.
This one was done just for fun for an art activity. Their names are Smiley and Helicopter Fish, see if you can guess who's who.
This one was a little experimentation with a ultra-fine point Sharpie pen and a fine point Sharpie marker.
This one is one of my first and few tries at color. Haven't given it another shot lately since my LCD screen messes up value pretty good.
Another zombie concept for the defunk game. It could have been my shot, but the guy moved on to work at EA games.

More to come soon. I should have this all wrapped up in 2 or 3 more updates.

Just Started

My name is John Suarez and some of you may know me as the best artist that ever lived, some of you may not.

This website will help me be a bit more productive I hope, make me practice a bit more. I'll draw some crap, post it here, you tell me if it sucks or not. And we repeat the next day, or whenever.

Here's some recent stuff to help get a feel for what I do.

Zombie Face

The Hope - Character for a now abandoned video-game.

The Heroine - Character for the same abondoned game.

The Heroine - You see how we put alot of thought into the names, you can't just learn stuff like that.

Worker Zombie

Thats all for now.
I'll be posting alot more art real soon.