2nd Dump of Work

So here's the second pile of my older work. I'm doing updates this way for two reasons.
One: To post all my old work little by little and get it out of the way.
And Two: 'Cuase I'm pretty lazy and don't feel like scanning in all my new stuff just yet...

With that being said, this update is pretty diverse. Has some newer stuff, some older stuff, serious stuff, and stuff just for fun. Stuff is a strange word.

This one is Azuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I'm not really a big anime lover, but a select few do call my attention. I was curious if I could draw her in a realistic style, I'd say it turned out 50/50.
This one was done just for fun for an art activity. Their names are Smiley and Helicopter Fish, see if you can guess who's who.
This one was a little experimentation with a ultra-fine point Sharpie pen and a fine point Sharpie marker.
This one is one of my first and few tries at color. Haven't given it another shot lately since my LCD screen messes up value pretty good.
Another zombie concept for the defunk game. It could have been my shot, but the guy moved on to work at EA games.

More to come soon. I should have this all wrapped up in 2 or 3 more updates.