The 3D Dump

This is where I post how I'm trying to learn 3D. I'm using Maya, since for me the interface is really simple. Too bad it's also easier to make glitchy models in Maya, though I haven't experienced that yet.

This was the soonest I took a screenshot. He was made in the Maya Personal Learning Edition in case you can't tell. I already have all the basic forms, and the next step was to go in and add more definition.

These one is the next step, defined a few small stuff and changed the material. I was also having trouble getting rid of the seam between the two halves.

Here I worked on the mouth area some more and added details around the cheeks and forehead.

And these three are sadly as far as poor Batman went. I installed the full version of Maya and found out the Personal Learning Edition files are incompatible. I could have taken him much farther, but it was not meant to be.

This step has the seam fixed on the forehead, extra detail around the brow and eyes, and nice lips (hmm). I also played around with lighting and found that the best angle for the model was a profile view.

And that's it for Batman. Next update will have my most recent unfinished 3D model. Someday I will finish it though, someday...