3rd Dump

I think I'm starting to run low on the traditional drawings, so this post will have a lot more digital work in it. I'm going to try and order them from newest to old.

This is a Batman sketch drawn in Flash. I imagine him being exposed to Gamma radiation before this drawing.

Pacman. Pacman is pretty bad-ass, what more can I say?

Yet another zombie for the game. This one was pretty obligatory becuase you can't have a zombie game without a fat butcher zombie. I read it in a book somewhere...
This was a simple character design for myself. I wanted to make a stream-lined looking guy, to use in an animation maybe. I do flesh out this concept more later on.
This was another experimentaion. I was trying to see if I could pull off a Disney style, but more realistic. Too bad this looks neither Disney-like nor realistic...

Flippy from the Happy Tree Friends animation. The show is alright, but I really liked this character.And finally Mister Burns! Becuase you cannot have watched the Simpsons and not have loved him.

Only two completely digital pieces this times. I lied.