Fourth Dump

Well, we finally reached the digital stuff and this is also the last of the old work dump.
I'll go from newest to old again.

This one's a T-shirt design drawn in Flash. It's going to be printed on a plain black shirt on the bottom corner. I already have a place to print the shirts, I just need to figure out how set up an E-store on my website.

This one is one of my favorite ones. It's Just an ape smoking a cigarette. This shirt will be centered as well.
Another favorite of mine. My take on Bullet Bill from the Super Mario series. This shirt would be centered too.

Another one of the shirts. I'm thinking this one would go best just in the center.

Shirt. This one will be pushed off to the side.

This one is my funny robot. He'll be centered too I guess.

This one is remake on an old drawing I had made, becuase I hated the old drawing. It's an improvement, this one will be centered, too.

This is a rockin' out claw hand. I'd wear it to a concert.
Also if any of you are interested in any of these shirts send me a message through myspace, or leave a comment so I can get back to you when I get them Printed out.

This is a goblin and I decided to make him pretty realistic. I don't think goblins wold run around in little torn up skirts covering their meat. So he's here, natural.

And Hellboy, drawn soon after I saw the movie. I don't think any artist who saw the movie didn't draw Hellboy in the next few days.
And that's pretty much all the art I have on my computer right now, except for a few old stuff that aren't really important enough to show right now.

But the next post will be much different, that ones going to have my 3D Modelling work.