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Some Work

This is some cover work I drew for a friend in Ecuador. It's a compilation CD of a bunch of new bands coming out in Ecuador and Columbia, along with his band as well.
He wanted a cover that signified "loud" and stuff like that. I think this was the first image I had in my head.

I also did the title and track list but they ended changing it to match the other discs. Also they needed more room to add the logos and other information that goes on the back of CDs.

It was a pretty fun project.

Also, I have a big update coming up. I just got a new scanner and it beats the shit out of my old scanner. Scanning used to be a pretty big hassle with my old scanner, which is why i'd save all my scanning for one day. It was slow, froze up my computer while it was scanning and the quality was pretty crap so I always had to do a lot of fixing in Photoshop. This new one scans in a few seconds and doesn't make my PC freeze up until it's done. And the quality is really good even on the default settings.