Some Leftovers

Found some stuff I never got around to putting up anywear for some reason.

This was for a pen and ink assignment we had to do on an animal. Every one was doing bears and fish and sharks and turtles. And I thought wouldn't it be funny if I did a pokemon.

The teacher just though I came up with some weird sea serpent. I think someone did rat me out in the end though, but the the teacher still didn't know or care what pokemon was. Good times.

This is another pen and ink drawing. This one is exactly like what the media teacher wanted, except I did this for a Graphic Design assignment.

It's half digital, since I cleaned up the lines in illustrator.

This one was the line art of the cover for a comic I made for my comics class.

I don't want to get into the what the story was. But, I pretty much thought up the most ridiculous story I could get away with that would let me draw some awesome stuff.

There were many times the teacher asked if I had lost my mind for wanting to go through with such a stupid idea. I had a vision dammit!
Here's the final cover. I kind of rushed it since i was left with about a weekend to finish up all my pages and the cover. Procrastination is a bitch.

But, I knew well enough to focus most of my work on the cover since i needed at least one thing to stand out. And i didn't feel my pages were that good.

In the end the cover was the main thing that sold my idea to the teacher.