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Digital Mugshot

This was for our Computer Illustration class, it was an assignment to learn how to use illustrator. All we had to do is make a portrait. I always wanted to do a mugshot type self portrait so I figured this assignment was as good as any to go ahead and try it.

It came out pretty much how i wanted, even though I wanted to do color but I ran out of time. Either way black and white seems to look more authentic and like it was a file photo.

I'll probably go back into it soon and add more detail to make it more gritty and less digital and smooth.

Some new stuff

This was an illustration assignment of designing a book cover. I decided to go with Stephen King's The dark Tower, mostly because I could think of alot of cool imagery and interesting stuff I could associate with it.

My orginal idea had the bottom part of the gun being just a silhouette made up of a pile of dead bodies. Like in this sketch.

But the teacher said it was too gruesome for a book cover and it was unnecessary or something. I still stand by it, it would have looked so good, and one of the major parts of the story revolves around the main character having to massacre a whole town that had turned against him. So it tied in with the story. But whatever.

Heres the final painting.

And here it is with some sample text.

I have about three more assignments I'll be posting up real soon.