Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some new stuff

This was an illustration assignment of designing a book cover. I decided to go with Stephen King's The dark Tower, mostly because I could think of alot of cool imagery and interesting stuff I could associate with it.

My orginal idea had the bottom part of the gun being just a silhouette made up of a pile of dead bodies. Like in this sketch.

But the teacher said it was too gruesome for a book cover and it was unnecessary or something. I still stand by it, it would have looked so good, and one of the major parts of the story revolves around the main character having to massacre a whole town that had turned against him. So it tied in with the story. But whatever.

Heres the final painting.

And here it is with some sample text.

I have about three more assignments I'll be posting up real soon.


Anonymous said...

stephen king is a great author. one of my life's goals is to read all his book. i probably won't be able to but its a goal. :)

you're great an artist too. i especially like what you did with the sky.

O C A S I O said...

It sucks that the original sketch got shot down (no pun intended), would have been awesome. It's pretty cool anyways but I think you should add the bodies digitally.