Monday, November 10, 2008


This was an assignment for computer illustration that was pretty much open to make any character designs. And it took me a while to figure what would be something really fun I could work on or something cool. It was a little tricky to think of a good idea since I'm not used to such open assignments.

But finally I remembered that I always wondered if i could do some furry art and see if i could get away with turning it in as an assignment. It would also be a real challenge, taking something as terrible as furries and making it into something good.

This is the ink line work. Just a bunch of pens and microns and markers. I tried to keep the cross hatching and detailing minimal so i could let the color stand out more.

Then this one is the final. The colors are a lot more simple than what I originally wanted and i didn't put as much detail as i really could have. I'm also not wild about the background silhouette. I think i might go back into this one and polish it up some more eventually.


Erin Schwaner said...

ha ha i remember seeing this and bing like ewwww someone did their furry character for the assignment, but then thinking that the quality was to good to be furry art, thats funny

David Cousens said...

Hey John, you just got featured at, nice one!

Unknown said...

wow! That looks terrific! Good line quality and color!