This was an assignment for computer illustration that was pretty much open to make any character designs. And it took me a while to figure what would be something really fun I could work on or something cool. It was a little tricky to think of a good idea since I'm not used to such open assignments.

But finally I remembered that I always wondered if i could do some furry art and see if i could get away with turning it in as an assignment. It would also be a real challenge, taking something as terrible as furries and making it into something good.

This is the ink line work. Just a bunch of pens and microns and markers. I tried to keep the cross hatching and detailing minimal so i could let the color stand out more.

Then this one is the final. The colors are a lot more simple than what I originally wanted and i didn't put as much detail as i really could have. I'm also not wild about the background silhouette. I think i might go back into this one and polish it up some more eventually.