Saturday, November 01, 2008

Lady Liberty

This was an Illustration assignment that was focused on being an editorial. He told us to find an issue we could investigate and develop an illustration that might accompany it like in a magazine or something.

I didn't try to make mine too specific, but I think it reads pretty well. It's ink with digital coloring on top.

Also figure I'll post the processs work, since theres really nothing else I can do with them. And its also fun to see how much it changes from start to finish.

This here is the finished line work. There's all kind of ink in there. Brush pens, sharpies, microns, pentels and regular fine tip pen markers. I just throw in whatever I have.

And this her was the original composition and pose. Most people and the teacher felt the tablet was unnecessary and that the compostion would be stronger if it was more close up. And i made her lean forward more because it looked like it needed to be more obvious that she was stepping off the building.

It was also originally supposed to be an oil painting or acrylic. But the teacher wanted me to do more illustrations that look like my ink work, he said he liked the style i had going on in those better.


Anonymous said...

I love all your work. I just spent 20 minutes looking through old posts hah

Anonymous said...

I really like seeing how the finished drawings cool!

luis espinosa said...

this came out really nice my friend. I'm a big fan of your ink work. definitely one of your strengths. Keep it up!

Frame Theory said...

This came out amazing. I like the texture you gave the background.

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