This illustration was for an assignment where we had to take a pop icon and caricature them with an animal to represent them. The animal was just a conceptual part of the piece, a problem to solve. The animal could be similar, ironic, or just something that accentuates the person.

I chose Christopher Walken because he would be really easy to caricature and the the chameleon became a good choice since i decided to accentuate Walken's eyes. Also Walken is kinda creepy and crazy and I think a reptile suits him well. Also he's a good actor and chameleons are good at camouflage, so it fits.

This was the final sketch before I started on the final. I didn't really bother finishing it that much because I had the idea already worked out in my head. I just drew it out on a canvas panel did a rough layer of acrylics and went over that with black paint and markers. I wanted this piece to feel more like a drawing than a painting.