Smart Car Illustration

So this assignment was to make an illustration of cars and and aspect of how we interact with them. He gave us a bunch of options like Road Rage, Traffic, Cruising or Drive Ins. Also, the format was 7 by 17 inches, vertically. So that was a challenge. I chose do do Going Green and Eco-friendly cars since i thought trees would work well with the long composition.

So this is the tight sketch after the thumbnail. Just fleshing out how i want it to look.

Then I inked it out. I was working on this piece and the elephant and girl pieces at the same time. So ink was just a natural choice.

After the ink it just became a matter of trying out different coloring techniques to overlay on it. I did a watercolor wash to put on top. A friend of mine did a coloring with gouache. And the last one was another friends idea to just put the color in the background so the line work doesn't get affected and it still communicates going green.