Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Woman, Pet, Machine

For our advanced media class we were assigned to illustrate Man, Pet and Machine. Our teacher made it clear that we could interpret it any way we wanted. The human could be the pet, the machine could be as simple as a knife or rock, the man and animal could be mixed. Any way we wanted to think about it

I've been taking a fun india class so i decided to do something in that direction. A goddess type character sitting on top of a giant elephant that half morphs into industrial machinery.

I still want to add more elaborate designs to the elephant's armor and make some nice embroidery on the rug on his back.
The goddess came out pretty much how I pictured her. Except for the fact that she has 9 arms. I say she lost one in a fight. I still need to find a good way to merge the 2 drawings in a way that looks good.


JSuar said...

my name is john suarez and i do art as well. kind of random but not really. i dig your work man. kick ass illustrations.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the amazing work,Jobn. I STILL love and follow your art!

Anonymous said...

Hi there I am looking for images to use in a t-shirt design for a small club of women. May I use this image? It would be very small production, and I wouldn't post it on a website or anything without express permission. Please holler back-

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