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Quick and Dirty

This was a really fast illustration for a presentation in my India class. The assignment was to make a film poster about a movie about India and find a theme to discuss and illustrate the theme in the poster. I chose to do Slumdog Millionaire and poverty and the caste system.

The illustration is a simple play on Darwin's evolution model showing Jamal evolving from a regular child, to a poo covered orphan, to an older street vending pickpocket, to chai-wallah and finally into millionaire.

Heaven and Hell

This was a very difficult piece for me to come up with an idea for. He wanted us to portray our own personal ideas of heaven and hell. And those were too difficult or boring for me to successfully illustrate.

So my other idea was to do a really ambitious piece that was going to be an optical illusion similar to Thomas Woodruff. It was going to be done in a way so that on one side you see a beautiful angel and heaven in the background, then when you flip in over heaven disappears and you see a demon girl and hell. I had the figures kinda intertwined in the middle like a ying yang. But in the end it was too difficult.

So in my sketchbook i had a thumbnail for another idea kinda in the same vein with the figures sharing the same head.

Im still working on the color and the backgrounds. When I post those I'll explain more about what the pueces really mean.

Toro! Ole!

For media we got a new assignment to do in Watercolors and Gouache. The assignment was originally to find a label at the supermarket and remake it, in the end he left it to be open to whatever we wanted.

The demo our professor showed was an awesome rooster drawing with the word "Red" written fancily in the background. It was a really cool painting with alot of movement and feathers floating around. I wanted to do something similar, so I tried to come up with an animal I would have fun drawing that had alot of action. Bulls are pretty intense so I went with that.

Here's my beautiful sketch. It's pretty much a finished piece already.

Honestly, I don't remember how I managed to turn that scribble into this finished ink drawing. All I know is that it took a long time and it wasn't fun.

After that I made some copies of the ink drawing and transferred it onto some watercolor board with lacquer thinner. It leaves a grainy imprint of the drawing on the board to have a good base to paint on.

This one is the gouache painting. It originally started out as the watercolor one, but I ended up going to dark on it and the only solutions was to fix it with gouache.

To make sure I didn't mess up the watercolor again I made sure to keep the colors a lot softer and thinner. The bull took about five or six thin watery layer and the background was just a big puddle of water I swirled and dipped color into.

Some Figure Work

Heres some figure stuff I finally got around to scanning in. The pieces are a hassle since they have to be scanned in sections.

Lately my teacher has been letting me get away with more wild colors in my paintings, so I've been having more fun with these.

This one iIwent completely nuts with since it was a two or three day pose, and for the final day we didn't have a blue light shining on him anymore since the bulb got lost. So I could have repainted the whole thing with a green light or messed around with it pretending the light was still blue.

This was a self portrait done for a more fine artsy figure teacher that came to guve us classes for a few weeks. It was fun just letting my self be more loose and playful.