Dorothy of Oz

This was our final assignment for illustration, it was an open assignment. I was kinda burned out already since it was the end of the semester. Plus, I've never really liked open assignments. It's a lot more fun trying to figure out something fun to do with a strict assignment.

Either way I decided I wanted to find an interesting story that was part of public domain. Something I could interpret in a different way but it was still recognizable. Wizard of Oz seemed like a good choice.

Originally I was going to try and go for a Sci-FI look, or a "Heavy Metal" interpretation. Something crazy and wild. But none of those ideas stuck with the teacher or with me.

In the end I decided on going with a more abstract and impressionistic approach, on both the painting style and the concept. The top represents Kansas, I kept it kinda monotone to match how in the movie it starts out in black and white. Then on the bottom I have her in full vibrant colors because Oz is magical and stuff. Also added the yellow brick road behind her.

I think so far this is one of my favorite pieces to look at.