Lambo Gangstas

This is a piece made for an article about modern muscle cars. I chose the Lamborghini Murcielago because it was the coolest looking out of all the ones we had to choose from.

The concept for this illustration started as a kind of biker gang, but replacing the tough guys with nerdy, old business executives and of course replacing the Harleys with the cars. In the end it didn't work out exactly how I intended but it still portrays the same basic concept I was going for. I just wanted to show how the cars are a very strong status symbols and how it makes the owners feel.

Im still trying to figure out exactly how i want to finish it. I hadn't intended it to be an ink piece but time was running short and it's the fastest way I can make a final. I would have preferred to do it in acrylics but that'll have to be for another time. This version will probably be finished digital.