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Earthworm Jim Preliminaries

Started working on a model of Earthworm Jim. This one is a little special since I made it all from scratch, I learned how to make base armatures with Z spheres. I'm still not too happy with the model, way too lumpy. I do want him to look alot more buff and ripped than in the game, but right now it looks too lumpy.

This is a composite of a quick build of the Earthworm Jim head with the body suit. I'll post a close up of just the head when I put a bit more work into it.

But, the model is getting there. Just a few more hours of modeling the head and body and then maybe touching up the pose a bit. I'm not sure what that'll be yet.

Z Brush Playing

I've been looking up a lot of Z Brush stuff lately, just because it's such a fun tool to play around with. Their forums are just stocked with amazing sculptors, models, tutorials and videos. There's just so much info and inspiration.

Mostly I've been using it to procrastinate on my real illustration work. I'd call it Productive Procrastination. Although quite a bit of this one was modeled when the internet was down and I couldn't really work on my actual assignments. Strange how reliant we've become of the internet.

Gun Guy Illustration Tweaks

Got a few comments from my illustration teacher and other artists about some fixes. The one I'm happiest about is changing the gun handle size, it really helps the composition and looks better. That change came from my illustration teacher. Also darkened the gun trigger a bit to keep the gun more seperate.

# 74


Found in fields and mountains. Mistaking them for boulders, people often step or trip on them. The longer a Geodude lives, the more its edges are chipped and worn away, making it more rounded in appearance. However, this Pokemon's heart will remain hard, craggy, and rough always.

This piece was done for a tattoo parlor / art gallery called Oddity on main street in downtown Sarasota. They were having a Video games show about 2 summers ago, this one managed to make it in.

I don't completely remember the process though, it was an odd mix of oils and acrylics layered on top of each other many times. It's also pretty big, two feet by two feet. At least big by the sizes I usually work in.

Almost Final Ill

So this is almost the final for the gun obsessed guy illustration. I still might try to find a way to and some color in there, but it gets tricky when I already add most of the value with the inking.

Card Layout + Corporate Identity

Heres some rough concepts for my letterhead, porftolio page and envelope design. Not really sure about them, they'll definetely go through alot more change before final.

And here's a basic rough layout of what my business card might look like. I'm trying to keep it really simple and informative. Just stick to the basics.