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Bronze Brock

So, this is one of the versions I planned out for the final of my Brock Samson piece. I originally wanted to do a full out painted Brock with skin texture and some rendered bloom lighting and maybe even some kind of scene. But I also knew I was working on a tight time limit and plus I'm still learning the program so I needed to have a back up plan.

And this was it. It's bronze memento immortalizing a fallen friend.

I still have alot I plan to do to it. I still want to tighten up some areas and learn how to do poly-painting and fancy lighting and rendering.

Brock Samson WIP 2

Here's some more progress shots of the Brock Samson sculpt. I've been running into problems here and there, but nothing too impossible.

I have a lot more process shots from earlier steps. But it would be too much to be posting them every other day.

In the end I'll choose the best images of each step and put together some kind of time lapse picture.

Brock Samson Progress

So for Illustration they gave us an open assignment and I wanted to do something a little different. I had already been playing around with Zbrush, so i was wondering if i could pull off a final piece in it.

My idea was to do something similar to the scene in the first episode of The Venture Bros when Brock kills Speedy when he's all shot up full of tranquilizer darts. I didn't want to do Samson lieing passed out on the ground choking Speedy like in the scene, I wanted to spice it up. He's still going to be riddled with darts though.

This here is a test model of the face. just to see if i could make it recognizable and accurate. Also wanted to see if I could keep some of the cartooniness as well.

And here's the actual pose coming along with some progress shots.

Rapunzel Colors

I added some colors to the ink in a few different ways. They're all a mix of multiply and color layers.

I'm feeling the first and second one best. I especially like the contrast in the first one. But, the third one seems to be popular because of all the color. Especially since the linework isn't all black.

I might still play around with it and see if i can come up with more versions with different color schemes.


So this is a new assignment for Illustration class, the assignment was simple to do a fashion illustration. I had actually forgot to come up with anything or make thumbnails for the assignment. So i was quickly trying to whip some stuff together during class. Understandably most of the ideas were pretty shitty, but I was ready to present them either way and maybe bullshit enough to make them sound good.

That is until i came up with making a nice fashion illustration of a girl wearing her hair as clothes. But not simply covering herself with her hair like a cliche, but an actual dress out of hair. I wanted to see if i could make it almost like an illusion were you go "Hey that dress is kinda funny looking... Oh! it's her hair!". Maybe to make people do a bit of a double take.

In the end it's not much of a dress, more like a long night gown. I guess I got too caught up in making it look sexy.

I'm going to add some color on top of the line work in Photoshop, im going to try and add it in a way that it doesnt take away from the inking.

Also I named her Rapunzel after a week of working on it and it finally dawned on me that thats pretty much who I've been drawing. Some kind of sexy, naked Rapuzel.