Brock Samson Progress

So for Illustration they gave us an open assignment and I wanted to do something a little different. I had already been playing around with Zbrush, so i was wondering if i could pull off a final piece in it.

My idea was to do something similar to the scene in the first episode of The Venture Bros when Brock kills Speedy when he's all shot up full of tranquilizer darts. I didn't want to do Samson lieing passed out on the ground choking Speedy like in the scene, I wanted to spice it up. He's still going to be riddled with darts though.

This here is a test model of the face. just to see if i could make it recognizable and accurate. Also wanted to see if I could keep some of the cartooniness as well.

And here's the actual pose coming along with some progress shots.