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Piggy Cop

Still practicing inking in Photoshop and playing around. It's fun to find out that a lot of techniques that would be tricky to pull of traditionally are pretty easy to do digitally.

This first started from a plain 'ol pig monster head I made as reference for a different project. And I just kept thinking of Duke Nukem and how that pig needed a mohawk.

I might find some more Duke Nukem characters to remake, or maybe Doom. Something fun.

Hair Face

Practicing how to ink in Photoshop. I'm finally learning how to get some nice effects in there.

But, its a whole different way of thinking compared to traditional inking.

Powdered Toast Man

As I was looking through some old files I remembered Powdered Toast Man was usually pretty fun to draw when I was in High School or Middle School, I can't really remember. So, I decided to give it a shot again see if it still feels the same, and to practice some rendering in Photoshop.

Even to this day it's still fun.

Something Different

Decided to play around in Photoshop and get comfortable with CS5. I also downloaded something like 200 new brushes, everything from splatters, dirt, watercolor, textures and some crazy effects brushes. So i wanted to play around with those too.

So I just start doodling and throwing colors around, I don't really know what else to say.


So, I watched a Harry Potter marathon on ABC family a few weeks ago, and I've been watching the Deathly Hollows trailer every once in a while too. So, I've had Voldemort stuck in my head for a while.

So I started up Zbrush and got to work. I also managed to save some of the process along the way. This is him pretty early in the sculpting process. You can tell because his teeth are way to pretty.

Here he is after the sculpting was mostly done and I started polypainting him. Thanks to all the screenshots from the movies I accidently made him way too blue. It worked out well in the end though, because it gave him a nice dead, veiny base color.

Here he is with his final more human skin tone.

Also as practice I sculpted the smiling model into a frown.

Comparison shot.