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Inked Venom Final

Well, technically this version of venom isn't inked since it's all digital, but whatever.

It was a lot easier to focus on the details and shape and form without having to worry about the color.

I tried out adding a color layer on top in Photoshop and I think it does the trick of adding a sense of color without taking away too much from the linework.

I'm going to have to experiment and see if this method will work on the other pieces that have this inking style as well.

Venom Tron and color version

I made these for a contest over on Satellite Soda, the theme was Marvel-Tron. I highly recommend visiting their forums, it's a fun community of lots of great artists posting awesome work.

For the contest I chose to do venom since he's one of my favorites and I figured his look might look cool "tronized." Sadly I forgot about the contest until the day of and turned in a horrible rushed venom. The next day I worked on it a little bit longer and made this version, but I still wasn't very happy with it.

Then I decided to try one with out the glow and lighting effects and just try and use simple colors. Something comic-booky.

But I still wasn't that happy with it, I knew I wasn't going to be able to get it to the point I wanted with out committing a lot of time and effort into it. But I wanted this piece to be a fun project for practice, not something I would need to spend hours working on to get it to the point I wanted.

So, I decided to put the color version and work on finishing it off in black and white.

President Xenu and Kif

This started as a doodle just for fun, but now I think I might use him for a bit of a larger project that will incorporate some nice design elements. I just wanted to draw a fun monster or old man or just something that I knew I could spend a good amount time just getting lost in the details. That's my favorite part just zooming in and wandering around, it's relaxing. My own form of meditation.

Half way through this piece, it struck me that this alien looked really familiar...

It hit me that I made a realistic version of Kif from futurama, so I went ahead and added his signature little space suit and saved this version for fun.