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Marceline's Dad + Progress

Here's the fourth in the Adventure Time series, Marceline's Dad. I think I'll probably do a few more versions of him, maybe even a battle scene with Finn. He's just such a crazy character, even for a Show like Adventure Time. I mean he pretty much murdered everyone on his first appearance, Everyone. Sure they came back to life. But, still. Pretty Effed up.

I also managed to save some progress shots, something I'm trying to get in the habit of lately. I actually thought I had saved more for this guy. But once you really get in the groove, you kinda lose track of time and just go into autopilot. Now it's just a matter of training myself so that saving progress becomes a habit.

The initial sketch.

Progress and cleanup.

And after that I went straight to the final. But, as a bonus I also have a potential color experiment. Still not sure if this ones getting color, just gotta keep tinkering with it and trying different stuff.

Ice King

Continuing on with the Adventure Time series, I tried my hand at the Ice King. I was excited for him because he's one of the characters that I can actually push the details and really make him gruesome but still keep him true to the original.

I was a little unsure about making him blue since I like keeping my inks clean, but in the end I think it added more than taking away. Either way here's a copy of the black and white version.

The next two in the series are actually already complete, Jake and Marceline's Dad. Marceline's Dad has to be my favorite so far, I really went all out making him crazy scary. There's not really many characters in the Adventure Time universe I can go all out on without changing their actual base design.

Well, actually they aren't 100% complete. I'm trying to stick to this black and white + 1 color scheme to these pieces, and that's the point where I'm struggling to find out what works best.

Print: Ice King

Val Kilmer as Batman

Cause he's fat.

What time is it?

Finn the Human

Marceline the Vampire Queen

It was late one night and I just had an urge to draw Adventure Time, sometimes these things just happen and there nothing you can do about it.

I'm going to turn these into a whole series and see what I can do with the rest of the characters. I have a Scary, Demon Marceline in the works and have a few ideas for Marceline's Father and the Ice King. But, Princess Bubblegum is giving me some trouble right now so I may have to come back to her.

Both of these took one night each, so hopefully the rest go down that easy, too.

Finn City.

Prints: Finn / Marceline

Judge Dredd

Finally coming back to some good old fashioned black and white pieces. But I needed a warm up and my go-to subject is usually a grizzled busted up Batman, but I've done him way too much recently. So, I went with my old standby I haven't done in years. Mr. Dredd.

I've actually never really read much Dredd comics except on wikipedia, but his design and every piece of art with him has always been just so bad ass and iconic. It just hits you.

I even kinda enjoyed the old Judge Dredd movie, thankfully I was mostly oblivious to how badly they fucked up the actual character. But, at least it still looked cool.

I'm pretty hopeful for the new movie, the original creators read the script and said it actually tries to be faithful to the comic, so that's something. At least they already confirmed that he will not be taking off his helmet, which is basic stuff right there. Helmet looks a bit big for my liking... but we'll see.

Face Revision

So, I went back into the first yellow face I did.

And I wanted to change the colors and finish it up a bit. I think I'm starting to develop more of a sense of what color schemes appeal to me, and I just felt that bright yellow is way to harsh now and blown out.

So after a few hours and way to many color revision layers, this is what I ended up with.

The actual piece has the colors darker and more saturated, I think this version is a bit easier to take in at first.

New Face Progress

I went back into the face and kept working on it. And it seemed the more I put into, the worse it was looking. I just kept adding layer upon layer and change upon change, but just as I was about to give up and do major overhaul, I accidentally turned off a few layers and found an earlier version of the piece.

And I realized I liked this version way more than the one I was working on, I even think I works much better than the one I posted yesterday.

I guess it's hard for me to realize when I'm overworking a piece. But, this version has all the information I was trying to portray, everything after this was unnecessary.

But, who knows, maybe I'll feel different tomorrow.

New Face

Just another face done for practice. I'm really starting to like this color scheme, but I want to keep playing with it and see how far I can push it.

I've also been trying out different effects with the layers and just seeing how much I can throw at a piece before it becomes too much.



aack ack ack AAACK ACK ACKK ACK.



Nother Face

Same as before, just some practice. Next one I'll try a different color scheme I think.


Just playing around with brushes and colors and layers.


Sometimes you just gotta draw a batman.

Piggy Cop Zbrush

This is the beginning stage of my zbrush model of Pig Cop.

This is something that's been on my mind for a while, and now is the perfect time since I want to update my modeling portfolio and set up a demo reel.

I'm going to try and go all out with this model.

Swamp Pig

I completely forgot to post this piece, it was made around the same time as the pig cops and executioner piece.

I remember I was keeping it secret because it was for a competitive blog project that is currently on hiatus until all of us trying to put it together get some actual free time to spend on it.

So there will be updates on that eventually...

For this piece I chose as the assignment to make a comic book cover with the title "Swamp Pig". The cover had to incorporate a monster and a chick and the catch was it could only be black and white with one accent color. But, like I said we never got to the judging stage so I've just had the piece laying around.

Obviously, since so much time has passed I'll have to think of a new challenge from scratch. I am glad I managed to get this piece out of that project so far. I got to play with making my own title from scratch and figuring out how to compose a comic cover.

I even can see the comic now, it'll be a mix between Sin City and Babe. Are you listening Image? I've got a blockbuster on my hands.

Now on tumblr!

I finally ventured into Tumblr, this blog is still going to stay the same and focus only on art.

My Tumblr on the other hand is going to be open to random shit, art from people I like, stuff that inspires me, and my own art every once in a while.

If anyone here as a tumblr too and wants an extra follower, post your link in the comments!