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Swamp Pig

I completely forgot to post this piece, it was made around the same time as the pig cops and executioner piece.

I remember I was keeping it secret because it was for a competitive blog project that is currently on hiatus until all of us trying to put it together get some actual free time to spend on it.

So there will be updates on that eventually...

For this piece I chose as the assignment to make a comic book cover with the title "Swamp Pig". The cover had to incorporate a monster and a chick and the catch was it could only be black and white with one accent color. But, like I said we never got to the judging stage so I've just had the piece laying around.

Obviously, since so much time has passed I'll have to think of a new challenge from scratch. I am glad I managed to get this piece out of that project so far. I got to play with making my own title from scratch and figuring out how to compose a comic cover.

I even can see the comic now, it'll be a mix between Sin City and Babe. Are you listening Image? I've got a blockbuster on my hands.

Now on tumblr!

I finally ventured into Tumblr, this blog is still going to stay the same and focus only on art.

My Tumblr on the other hand is going to be open to random shit, art from people I like, stuff that inspires me, and my own art every once in a while.

If anyone here as a tumblr too and wants an extra follower, post your link in the comments!