Friday, September 16, 2011

What time is it?

Finn the Human

Marceline the Vampire Queen

It was late one night and I just had an urge to draw Adventure Time, sometimes these things just happen and there nothing you can do about it.

I'm going to turn these into a whole series and see what I can do with the rest of the characters. I have a Scary, Demon Marceline in the works and have a few ideas for Marceline's Father and the Ice King. But, Princess Bubblegum is giving me some trouble right now so I may have to come back to her.

Both of these took one night each, so hopefully the rest go down that easy, too.

Finn City.

Prints: Finn / Marceline


acornbringer said...

Awesome, I love how well the text goes along with this, its so intense.

Also, I think that this mentality fits Finn if he was set in a more serious universe where he might have to sacrifice himself.

Unknown said...

wow. that was gorgeous, funny, and amazingly well executed

holly anne said...

omg i love this - Adventure time is the BEST! what medium are you using? is it ink on paper?

maybe you could do something with PB in a science-y theme, since shes into that kinda stuff...?

John Suarez said...

Thanks guys!

holly anne - They're actually all done completely digital in Photoshop.

PB is coming up also, I havent decided if I want her sciency or princessy. She been very tricky.

Patrick said...

I love that Marceline. Awesome work.

FacePunch said...

Ahh, man! This stuff is bad. Very cool!

Gracefly said...

Are you ever going to finish this project?? I know youve moved on to bigger and badassier projects lol but i wanted to see what your mind would create for princess bubblegum. Your an amazing artist! And im super excited for your sailor scouts project considering that I want to cosplay sailor jupiter this year :p! Stay true and be you!


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