Ice King

Continuing on with the Adventure Time series, I tried my hand at the Ice King. I was excited for him because he's one of the characters that I can actually push the details and really make him gruesome but still keep him true to the original.

I was a little unsure about making him blue since I like keeping my inks clean, but in the end I think it added more than taking away. Either way here's a copy of the black and white version.

The next two in the series are actually already complete, Jake and Marceline's Dad. Marceline's Dad has to be my favorite so far, I really went all out making him crazy scary. There's not really many characters in the Adventure Time universe I can go all out on without changing their actual base design.

Well, actually they aren't 100% complete. I'm trying to stick to this black and white + 1 color scheme to these pieces, and that's the point where I'm struggling to find out what works best.

Print: Ice King