Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ice King

Continuing on with the Adventure Time series, I tried my hand at the Ice King. I was excited for him because he's one of the characters that I can actually push the details and really make him gruesome but still keep him true to the original.

I was a little unsure about making him blue since I like keeping my inks clean, but in the end I think it added more than taking away. Either way here's a copy of the black and white version.

The next two in the series are actually already complete, Jake and Marceline's Dad. Marceline's Dad has to be my favorite so far, I really went all out making him crazy scary. There's not really many characters in the Adventure Time universe I can go all out on without changing their actual base design.

Well, actually they aren't 100% complete. I'm trying to stick to this black and white + 1 color scheme to these pieces, and that's the point where I'm struggling to find out what works best.

Print: Ice King


Jade Wright said...

wow, I was just looking at these on someones Tumblr feed. they're amazing!

Anonymous said...

these are so freakin awesome! gives a creepy twist to the Adventure Time phenomenon!! love them. especially Finn and Marceline! hope you put up Bubblegum soon!! i also think it would be cool if you drew the boy version of marceline from the "Fiona and Cake" episode. that would be so friggin amazing!

Anonymous said...

these are AWESOME.(;//;) omfu i LOVE ice king, he's probably my adventure time fav character (together with snow golem and fire wolf cub)

amazing art. i adore. <3

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