Marceline's Dad + Progress

Here's the fourth in the Adventure Time series, Marceline's Dad. I think I'll probably do a few more versions of him, maybe even a battle scene with Finn. He's just such a crazy character, even for a Show like Adventure Time. I mean he pretty much murdered everyone on his first appearance, Everyone. Sure they came back to life. But, still. Pretty Effed up.

I also managed to save some progress shots, something I'm trying to get in the habit of lately. I actually thought I had saved more for this guy. But once you really get in the groove, you kinda lose track of time and just go into autopilot. Now it's just a matter of training myself so that saving progress becomes a habit.

The initial sketch.

Progress and cleanup.

And after that I went straight to the final. But, as a bonus I also have a potential color experiment. Still not sure if this ones getting color, just gotta keep tinkering with it and trying different stuff.