I loved The Avengers movie, it was a great summer blockbuster popcorn flick. Marvel has been killing it with their movies lately. I would've draw some Iron Man and Thor fan-art if I wasn't so scared of all the freaking details in their costumes. I'll get to them eventually, probably Loki too...

Anyways Hulk has always been one of my favorite characters, what's not to love about a super angry, giant green monster that is technically infinitely powerful? Plus, he's a blast to draw, there's so many different way to interpret him. You can really tell a lot from an artist depending how they draw the Hulk.

Personally, I think the movie got a great balance between comic booky and real life. I think the little gut he had in some scenes was a great touch, haha.

So, I wanted to start with a face study before i move on to tackling a full body or even a group piece. The red is because my eyes are started to get bored of just black and white. Plus, Hulk is ANGRY!

These 2 are me finally venturing out into adding full color into my inks. I feel the bold, bright colors are the only way to contrast with the heavy black in the inks. 

Plus, I'm learning that I can't simply wait until I finish the inks before throwing the colors on. The best way would probably be wait until I'm half way through the inks, throw in some rough colors, and then finish both at around the same time. I think I started thinking about these colors in a bit too late. It's hard to switch mindsets when you feel a piece is almost finished.

All in all, learned a few new tricks for the next round. Expect more color pieces to pop up. Plus, I have some spare finished pieces sitting around I haven't posted yet.

Prints: Hulk-Red / Hulk-Neon / Hulk-Green