Brawler Sailor Moon

I'm starting a series of hardcore, fight club style Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Moon is up first, she's the leader, so she's the muscle. Nothing fancy, just straight up beating the shit out of the bad guys.

So this was the first version, Just getting the pose and everything down. It actually went by really quick, I had the whole image in my head from the start.

The next step was just going in real tight and just adding in more details and shine and just polishing it up overall. I actually tried adding more shading, but I ended up erasing most of because it was just unnecessary and didn't really add much to the piece.

The next part of the series is gonna be trying a color version of her, and an action scene. Then, after those the next Sailor up is Sailor Mars, her fire power is gonna be a lot of fun to play with.

Also both of them are available as prints all the way up to 28x38 inches!

Brawler Sailor Moon - Final / Brawler Sailor Moon - Sketch