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Batman Beyond

This was an ink warm-up to loosen up for some other projects in the works. Plus I just started playing around in Manga Studio, so this was done mostly in there to give it a test run. Plus I love Batman Beyond and just finished reading through the whole comic run, which was very true to the show and expanded it's world, but still managed to be great in it's own right. 

Anyways, there are definitely a lot of benefits in Manga Studio. Mainly the ink brushes are so smooth and precise compared to Photoshop. They're really fast and responsive, I was able to go from sketch to final in no time. I'm sure there's tweaking and brush downloads available to get a similar effect in PS, but I'm really digging Manga Studio for now.

Not saying I completely switched over either. MS is really fast for drawing, laying down lines and get it sharp and crisp. But I still finished up the fine details and shading in PS, plus the color and the background.

Here's a close up detail shot.

PS and MS both have their own strengths, the trick is gonna be figuring a good work flow to take advantage of all of them.

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