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HAIR // Show Up and Throw Up Art Show - Oleson Gallery (2014)

Final shot of "Hair" for Oleson Gallery's (now moved to Bloom Art Center!) Show Up and Throw Up Art Show from back in February 2014.

The show was a blast and had also had great concept, there were no restrictions and it was open to anyone that wanted to get involved. Basically you just "Show up and Throw up" you art on the walls.

The doors opened at 1 pm, hanging supplies were provided, and within a few hours the walls were full of great art from artists from all over! It was a great way to grow the art community and invite people who had never shown in galleries before.

Here's an article about the show from and also found a video walkthrough!

Anyways on to the process!

The idea was a concept I've wanted to play around with for a while, I even have some recent pieces that'll be working on the same theme. I wanted the figure to be nestled snugly within the frame of the piece, kinda just lounging and relaxed, and mostly just filling the space as much as possible. 

Also possibly life size, which is why the board is 4 x 4 feet. Also I was having a lot of fun rendering hair back then, and since I was only sticking to black and white it was the best spot to really play around with the design and just go at it.

But, I also wanted to play it safe so during one of the St Pete Art Meetups, which back then used to take place in side the Oleson Gallery, I started a practice piece on a 1 x 2 feet board.

Just to play with a few ideas without worrying about ruining the whole piece.

I don't remember if I actually learned anything specific from the practice piece, but it was a really good warm up to help finish the final. There's a lot less pressure on how to finish a painting when you've already done it once before.

And finally here's a shot of the lady hanging at the Oleson Gallery during the show!  

 I'll be updating the site little by little with in depth process write ups of all the gallery pieces I've done so far, until I catch up with all the recent work.

Until then if you want to keep up with the work real time the best bet is my Facebook page and Instagram!